About Us

What Is The Landlords Association of Arkansas?

The Landlords Association of Arkansas is a vital organization to the success of landlords statewide. We strive to be the best property managers possible. 

The Landlord Association of Arkansas is comprised of several local associations.  The local associations are active in affairs specific to their city or county.  The state-level association provides a method where the local associations share information and common objectives.

We have been successful in passing legislation that has strengthened our ability as property owners to operate our livelihoods, while defeating legislation intended to unfairly affect our profession, whether such legislation consists of bad regulations, unfair taxation, or other impact.

The Landlords Association of Arkansas is here to support the local landlord organizations in any way we can, and we are willing to answer any questions for you; to commit to that goal state members will be available to come speak at your local meetings to promote our common agenda with your membership.
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