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Randy Thomason, Legislative Chair


For those of you around the State of Arkansas who don’t know me or my name, I am Randy Thomason and I am a Landlord. I know that may have sounded like an introduction at an AA meeting, but I am neither embarrassed, nor ashamed. I am proud to say “I AM A LANDLORD AND WHY AREN’T YOU?

Recently, Gail and other Board members twisted my arms (both of them) to become more involved on the state level of our Association. I agreed because I asked “if not me, then who?” I was shortly thereafter elected to the State Board and as Legislative Chairman.

Why? Why? Why?

I know everyone ask the same question to themselves when asked to serve in a position, just as I did. After arguing my points as to why I should not commit to helping, I came to the conclusion that our Association, or any association, is only as good as the members who actively take part in it. If I want to complain about anything (and I do), then I also have the responsibility to be part of the solution. RESPONSIBILITY. A big word with a forgotten meaning to so many Americans. So with those words in mind, I have committed myself to doing everything I can to help our Association grow our membership, improve the education of our members, help members become more profitable and work towards changes in laws in the State of Arkansas to protect our members and promote the Landlord industry.

With those goals in mind, I have committed to visiting every Chapter of the Association this year, probably several times. And yes I am going to be pushing you to become more active in any way you might be able. For some it might be by getting engaged. Some might solely be financially because of physical limitations. Some it might be in both of those and more.

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